We organize professional dance (solo and group) performances. We cooperate with professors and graduates of the Indology Department, University of Warsaw, who ensure the accuracy and high level of the content of our lecture demonstrations. By adjusting our lectures, performances and workshops to the requirements of our clients, we continuously develop our offer.

We invite all art and dance lovers to learn Indian dance forms that enchant with their sublime beauty, grace and elegance, but also increase the awareness and strength of the body. We teach not only how to express oneself in the complex and beautiful Indian dance, but also we share our knowledge of Indian culture, mythology, classical dance history and tradition – essential for mastering and understanding the Indian art of dance.


We invite all dance and Indian culture lovers to explore the richness of Indian dance forms. They will entice you with their sublime beauty, grace and elegance, but also increase the awareness and strength of the body. Our objective is to share not only dancing skills but also the knowledge about Indian culture and tradition, crucial for understanding and mastering the Indian dance forms. Our teachers, trained in Poland and in India, are well known for their long experience, precision and patience. We offer a wide range of classes which helps to find the most suitable dance form for our students. Small, intimate groups (10 persons maximum) guarantee a pleasant atmosphere and the full attention of the teacher.


We invite you to join our classes in two Indian dance styles: Bharatanatyam and Chhau. We start on 4th of September 2018.



Thursday, 6-7:30 pm

Teacher: Marta Krzemień-Ojak



Tuesday and/or* Thursday, 6-7:30 pm

Teacher: Tuesdays – Marta Krzemień-Ojak, Thursdays – Zuzanna Kann-Skorupska

* According to the interest bharatanatyam classes meet, we will open either one group (that will have classes twice per week) or two groups (for beginners and intermediate) – one will have classes on Tuesdays, the other on Thursdays. It’s all up to you :)


Venue: Millenium Plaza building, Al. Jerozolimskie 123a, Warsaw

Fee: 30 PLN/1,5 h (payment for the whole month in advance)

For more information and to sign in, contact us:


Regulations and payment

  • one is asked to come at least 10 minutes before the class starts
  • we practice barefoot in comfortable, soft clothes
  • during the class, one should not eat or chew gum
  • for the class, please switch off your mobile phones or turn them onto the silent mode
  • in case of questions – please do not hesitate to ask the instructor
  • one cannot participate in the class unless the payment for the whole month in advance is made, not later than on the 8th day of each month; the payment is nonrefundable
  • we keep the right to close the groups if the attendance drops down considerably
  • students are required to inform the instructor about their disabilities or health problems of any kind. The participant should be aware of his diseases and physical limitations. Nataraja Dance Theatre does not take responsibility for any injuries of class participants.