We organize professional dance (solo and group) performances. We cooperate with professors and graduates of the Indology Department, University of Warsaw, who ensure the accuracy and high level of the content of our lecture demonstrations. By adjusting our lectures, performances and workshops to the requirements of our clients, we continuously develop our offer.

We invite all art and dance lovers to learn Indian dance forms that enchant with their sublime beauty, grace and elegance, but also increase the awareness and strength of the body. We teach not only how to express oneself in the complex and beautiful Indian dance, but also we share our knowledge of Indian culture, mythology, classical dance history and tradition – essential for mastering and understanding the Indian art of dance.


We organize dance and cultural workshops for children, youth and adults. We always consult and adjust our workshop to our customer’s requirements, and thus we continuously develop our offer.


Workshops for children

Indian dance performances combined with workshops dedicated for the youngest viewers. It’s goal is to teach children in an unconventional way about cultural diversity – in this case, showing Polish-Indian differences through the presentation of Indian dance and music. Depending on the subject selected, the workshop will include a short performance of classical Indian dance Bharatanatyam/Odissi or/and Bollywood.

We suggest three subjects (though are always open to new ideas):

1. Language of gestures – nonverbal forms of communication with each other, designating dance as one of them

2. World of Indian music and instruments – known and less known Oriental instruments

3. Indian dance – different dance forms, their roots, roles and meaning

Advantages of our workshops:

  • the abundance and variety of Indian culture is presented by dancers and dance instructors with many-years of experience
  • we teach children while playing and activating them
  • we use dance, music and movement as teaching tools
  • we use original Indian costumes, jewelry, props etc.


Workshops for youth and adults

1. Indian dance: Baharatanatyam and Bollywood

During Bharatanatyam workshops one can approach the basic aspects of this dance form. We show two most important “faces” of Bharatanatyam – nritta, the abstract, pure dance, and nritya – narrative dance. Bollywood workshops are based on learning a choreography specially created to the music chosen by participants. The level and character of the choreography is therefore always adjusted to the needs and level of participants.

2. Professional Indian dance make-up and saree wearing

The classical Indian dancer’s make-up aims to emphasise the codified eye-movements and mimics. In addition, each classical dance form requires a different set of jewelry. Saree is a traditional Indian female dress, which consist of a single, 6-7 meter-long piece of cloth, draped around the body in a very feminine and graceful way.
3. Fitness, dance technique and dance theory workshops

The fitness workshops are based on training elements of classical Indian dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Chhau, as well as yoga. Its goal is to strengthen and shape the whole body – not only in dance, but in a general way. Dance technique and theory workshops are dedicated for those who would like to deepen and expand their knowledge about classical Indian dance forms: their roots, developing factors, importance, role and meaning.